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Help the Virtual Meetings and Events Association Planner Members find the best services for their event by sharing your listing.  What unique aspects of your service can they expect if you work together.  This is like a dating site for business.  Share what's unique about you and even what you are looking for as the best customer/provider relationship. 

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  • Ecamm

    Hey, we're Ecamm. We make a powerful live streaming and video creation app called Ecamm Live. It can help you do just about anything with video, but it's also incredible easy to use so anyone can be up and running in minutes.


    With Ecamm Live, you can quickly & easily create professional live stream broadcasts or pre-produced videos right from your Mac. Stand out from the crowd with high-quality video using your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Most cameras are plug-and-play and connect with just a USB cable. Add logos, titles, lower thirds, and graphics, share your screen, drop in video clips, bring on interview guests, use a green screen, and run the best possible live events you can imagine.


    Learn more at www.ecamm.live


  • ProMotion

    Promotional Products

  • Meeting Advice

    Bringing people together for a purpose.  Bringint that purpose to life in a memorable setting is what MeetingAdvice does.  Our brand of magic extends to every element of your function - from a paparazzi-worthy entrance to a stunningly lit dining room to a high-tech virtual presentation.  

    Full Service Virtual Meetings Platform

  • Digitell Inc.

    Digitell offers a variety of online event solutions for Event Organizers that include Live Streaming for Hybrid and Virtual Events, Session Capture, and Re-Broadcasts. Our industry-leading OPUS platform will help you successfully plan & execute your event. Go with Digitell - the proven leader!

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    Full Service Virtual Meetings Platform

  • Cleartone Consulting

    CTO & CIO Expertise

    1. A virtual or fractional CTO and CIO provides unbiased, trusted advisement to business leaders to help them navigate the complexities of Information Technology, minimize costs, maximize ROI, secure digital assets, and most importantly, develop and execute strategies that will enable them to surpass their competition. A strategic technology leader assists in developing strategic plans, evaluating technology, analyzing costs and benefits, building effective teams, executing initiatives, and helping businesses leverage technology to help grow the bottom line.


  • Crowdpurr

    Crowdpurr is a cloud-based audience engagement platform that allows fun gamification for your virtual and live events. Create awesome interactive experiences for your employees, students, followers, and family! For FREE!


    Crowdpurr is first-in-class in trivia gamification for your audience. Your participants can test their knowledge on who's the smartest in the crowd. Then the real-time live rankings leaderboard shows how participants performed! Give away awesome prizes and bragging rights to the players who scored the best!


    Using Crowdpurr, our customers have created everything from massive multi-location branded worldwide trivia games, live social media walls, to major activations for large-scale events (e.g. Superbowl, NAB, New Year's Even in Times Square) that support thousands!


  • CSP Worldwide / Carey Smolensky Productions

    Carey Smolensky Productions is an industry-leading, full-service event production, planning & entertainment company. We have over 40 years of innovative and creative events executed with professionalism and poise down to the last detail. When your virtual or hybrid event and your reputation depend on it, you need a reliable partner that can deliver creative, proven results. CSP Worldwide is that partner!

    Full Service Event Management

  • FazeFWD

    FazeFWD develops sponsorship solutions that drive event success and maximize ROI for event organizers and exhibitors. Aligning your goals with sponsor goals, FazeFWD's sponsorship strategies are designed to drive attendee engagement, achieve exhibitors’ marketing goals and maximize event revenue.

    We create robust sponsorship prospectus', build targeted pipelines to grow your sponsor ecosystem and exceed revenue goals with consultative selling skills

    Sales (Member/Exhibitor/Sponsorship/Advertising)

  • Jeckil Promotions

    Jeckil Promotions is the SWAG partner that goes beyond for your peace of mind. We work with event professionals providing pre-event swag which are themed appropriately to promote participation and excitement for the event. In addition we can provide items to be used during the virtual event from simple note-taking options to making a zoom call fun and participatory and more! In addition, we can work with your trade show participants on ways to get their items to your participants and follow-up swag to thank them for "coming" to the event!!

    Promotional Products

  • Jack Be Nimble Candles

    Our focus is creating high quality, small batch soy candles. We hand-pour each of our candles in batches of 12 in our studio in Atlanta. All of our candles are made using American grown soy wax, all natural cotton wicks & fine fragrance oils. Modern and sleek design, Southern nostalgia, and family gatherings define and inspire our candle collections.

    Promotional Products


    David is an author, speaker, sales expert and talk show host. He is able to create a talk show experience at your conference, for your product, as a webinar. Check out his show Tuesday and Thursdays at 7pm where he talks about the key issues of the day www.youtube.com/rareconfidence

    Independent Speaker/Facilitator

  • Virtual Meetings and Events Association

    We are here to facilitate collaboration in the virtual events field. To connect those who plan with those who produce. Organizations are turning to the virtual platform for their meetings, events and education. VMEA is witnessing more and more meetings and events shifting to the virtual platform in all segments, from associations to corporate, social to religious, trade shows and fundraisers. We invite you to take this opportunity to join planners and producers who are learning to succeed in this new virtual environment. This is where VME&A comes in...


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