Planner/Executive Application

How To Participate

When VMEA planner participants are looking for a virtual related service,  The Pitch Game is meant to help them find the best option for their event, as well as to share with others their experience in the search. 


1) Planners will choose a specific aspect of service needed; VMEA will work with them to narrow down the search to three providers. 


2) The specifications of the event will be given to the participating providers. 


3) Once reviewed, the providers will be able to ask pertinent questions through a recorded call, then within three days present virtually in 3-5 minutes why their solution. 


4) The planner will choose among the providers service and provide feedback as to why they made their choice.


5) The planner and provider will implement the service as a natural course of business.   


6) Both will provide feedback as to work. 


7) Both agree services will be rendered and paid for appropriately and as agreed.


8) A final review and feedback will be provided.