Virtually, My Favorite Holiday

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

My favorite holiday, as for many is Thanksgiving. It's the turkey, side dishes, pies...

it’s the family and reconnecting, It’s the fun we always have it, it’s the football (this year Steelers vs Ravens), My brother-in-Law Joe’s wine picks, ok some spirits as well, and not the Halloween kind. Well, this year it is a bit different, as we can all attest to. But that WILL NOT STOP ME from bringing what I love to the table. Being a founding member of the VMEA team, to not practice what we preach would be a very poor practice. So here is what I have been practicing.

Practicing for the Big Event

Each Sunday, we have been meeting and watching sports together virtually. We obviously have common interests (football, friendship, golf, and

connecting). On the call, beyond my 2-3 friends (in our social bubble) that do come by the house each week, we have anywhere from 5-20 people call from 2 pm-8 pm while the live feed stays on my computer. Sometimes no one is on, other times 4-5 people plus we are live talking football and even politics. Not everyone knows each other, but in time a trust is developed. Last week was the Masters. I sent everyone a trivia poll and an invite and we hung out, talked about football, politics, race, business, and of course my good looks. (just seeing if you are reading). Even had a prize for the person that won the Masters trivia, which was a football.

Virtual Thanksgiving

So now, this practice goes to my family and Thanksgiving, because our 13 attendees from Philadelphia, Delaware, Memphis, New York will not be coming. So here are the plans:

1) Family Trivia (Do you know your family)?

2) Thanksgiving Trivia

3) Football betting (Who can pick the most games on Thursday) we will still use a bookie.

4) Shared recipes of our favorites so we share the meal we have come to love. OK, should have sent a WOW box prior….

5) Poker Game- Using one of the sites to have a family poker tournament. It’s free!

6) Zoom! Yes, Zoom will be on throughout the day, and people can call when they want

7) Breakouts! Seriously, yes, for the young adults, my family, her family (only if necessary)

8) Turkey Bowl Football Game- obviously, 2-2 is not as fun, we will replace this game with a Madden Football Tournament live on-line. There will be betting on this as well.

So this year, with four of us live, plus Jagr, our dog, we will have our Thanksgiving with a group of about 30 all in total (that means 26 virtually). Memories are what you make of them. While this isn't ideal, it is where we are today. Make the best of what you can, and who knows it could be one of the most memorable yet.

Please add your suggestions below as to Thanksgiving fun ideas to include in our VIRTUAL THANKSGIVING!

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