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Updated: Jan 18

From a family birthday call to a huge convention, the explosion in Virtual usage is evident from young too old. We start with what we know and try to copy what we have done in the past, but are we really taking it to the fullest extent based on the medium? The Virtual Revolution even has proved some great advantages over on-site events, which we need to capture and take advantage of to advance Virtual Meetings and Events. Below are just three starting points to these advantages:

Eliminate many costs: Often there are no costs by the guest to attend an event (travel, hotel, transportation, meals). Event Costs: while you may eliminate venue, travel and food costs, other expenses may remain or increase such as platform, audio visual, integrations, and gifts for example.

Easy scheduling: You can take a Virtual Call from Virtually anywhere, almost anytime. So the commitment of a 3-4 day travel and missing work and home is not usually in the picture. Additionally, content may never die and can last for years, seen at the convenience of the attendee with more than a lifetime of value potential.

Greater Control: You pick the Content, event timing, audience, participation, recording, audience response sharing, distribution after event. There is no end to the life of the content.

Expanded Audience: Without the need to travel and many with greater flexible with availability, with the right content and marketing, your audience can expand to record numbers!

Bang for Buc: OK, so the exhibitors can't meet on the floor live new people, but the alternatives are gaining and even advantages coming to light. For example a sponsor of a session will have their sponsorship live on the website for as long as the event is posted, not just the one hour the event occured.

For brevity purposes, this is a start, I am most interested in collaboration as to what advantages you have experienced or seen through the Virtual Meeting or Event.

Now what are you thoughts: 10, 9, 8...

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