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Virtual is Here to Stay and We're Here to Help

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Organizations are turning to the virtual platform for their meetings, events and education. VMEA is witnessing more and more meetings and events shifting to the virtual platform in all segments, from associations to corporate, social to religious, trade shows and fundraisers. We invite you to take this opportunity to join planners and producers who are learning to succeed in this new virtual environment. This is where VME&A comes in...

As a member, you will receive the resources and education to make the most informed decisions to ensure your next virtual meeting is a success. 

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People going Virtual compared to last year



CEO prediction of video replacing regular conference calls


Event Professionals plan to invest in virtual events


of businesses using virtual technology save 200+ hours per year


Event professionals looking for hybrid technology

            "By 2021, it is projected that video,

            including web conferencing will

            account for over 80% of all

            internet traffic."

         Small Business Trends, May 2020

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