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Experience in virtual requires you to get involved in the project.  This edutainment event pits teams against each other to create both educational and engaging content.  Try your skills in creativity, project management, marketing, videography, editing, design, content delivery and building content and fun that audiences will enjoy and appreciate.  Nothing ventured nothing gained, so let's Go Big or Go Home with the Virtual Meetings and Events Association!

How to Play




1) Apply to be in the game


2) You may form your own team of up to 4 players (all must register) or be Matched with a team.   


3) Each team will

be given three

options of topics

to choose two from.


4) Choose one topic

to complete one

minute of education. 


5) Judging will be based on creativity, effectiveness, relating to topic & virtual.


6) If you move on in the game, your second task will be to Go Big.  With a second topic you will create an original event that engages the audience.  You will have 3-5 minutes to present your concept as to why VMEA should produce your event.  


7) Judging will be based on engaging the audience, education in virtual, interest, originality and of course feasibility and voting..

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Go BIG or Go Home